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injured worker requires help with Workers’ Comp

Workers’ Compensation Basics

When people are injured on the job, Workers’ Compensation (a.k.a., workers’ comp) can offer a means of assisting employees while they recover by offering them benefits. Companies hold workers’ comp insurance in part to provide wage replacement or “lost wages” from not working, medical benefits, as well as funeral costs or legal needs that may arise if an employee’s injury or illness leads to death. While the requirements of a business to have workers’ comp insurance vary from state to state as well as worldwide, there are similarities. Overall, state statutes and laws determine which businesses are required to have workers’ comp insurance as well as the types of injuries that are covered and the amount of coverage needed.

What is workers’ compensation like in Florida? 

In Florida, workers’ compensation can be a little complicated. For starters, according to Florida laws, there are different requirements for which businesses need workers’ compensation, depending on their industry. Overall, any business with more than four employees (aside from construction) is required to have workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance in Florida helps to pay for benefits such as medical expenses or lost wages for employees who need time off work to recover. This will include care for repetitive stress injuries that require ongoing treatment such as physical therapy. It can also assist in covering permanent disability where an employee is unable to return to work. Also, workers’ compensation may involve different services including reemployment, labor market surveys, and vocational assessments.  Having a vocational expert provide these services is essential since they can bring their specific knowledge and experience about the world of work. 

Why are vocational experts necessary for workers’ compensation cases? 

A vocational expert can provide information regarding a workers’ limitations due to the workplace accident or illness. Specifically, a vocational expert can explain how the injury or illness will affect an injured worker’s abilities to perform the requirements of the job as well as day-to-day activities. This is based upon the worker’s education and training, work experience, potential job skills that may transfer from one job to another, physical and/or mental limitations, and the local job market. One of the ways Florida differs from other states with regards to workers’ comp is that there are two providers that will work with a workers’ compensation employee: one provider will handle job placement after the individual has recovered and is able to rejoin the workforce, and another provider will conduct the vocational evaluation necessary to determine the capability of the individual. 

Why use Vocational Expert Services, Inc. for your vocational expert needs? 

At Vocational Expert Services, Inc, we have vocational experts who are experienced in Florida workers’ comp. We provide vocational evaluations, vocational assessments, labor market surveys, and reemployments services for both plaintiff and defense. Additionally, Vocational Expert Services, Inc. has experience in both federal and state workers’ compensation cases.

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