The Role Of Vocational Experts In TDIU Cases and SSDI Cases?

What is the role of vocational experts in TDIU cases and SSDI cases? According to an article by Muller et al. (2004). In recent years, there have been pushes to have more coordination between the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) disability compensation program and Social Security Administration (SSA)’s disability programs. This has been done to help improve the interaction between the two organizations.  It best serves veterans by helping to improve access to Social Security disability benefits for military personnel from 2001 onwards.

Part of the interaction and collaboration between the two agencies is required by law. It includes medical evidence and hospital records, disability determinations, and benefit receipt and payment amounts. Also, both SSA and the VA are required to consider one another’s disability decision in their own determinations. It is important to note that the VA and SSA use different classification systems for establishing impairment. As a result, any SSA disability determinations would be an important aspect for a TDIU case whenever it is applicable for the veteran (Muller et al, 2004).

Conditions For TDIU and SSDI

According to a report by Moulta-Ali, U. (2012), in a comparison between the VA and SSA programs, each agency has different definitions and requirements to meet in order to be found disabled. For SSA, there is a 5-step process. The individual’s income has to fall below SGA, the condition or conditions have to be expected to last longer than 12 months or result in death. The condition(s) must meet SSA medical listings, the veteran should be unable to perform his/her past work. Also if the condition would not allow him/her to work in other jobs that exist within the national economy. To have a TDIU rating for the VA, there has to be either a service-connected condition which is found to be rated at least 60% by the standards or several service-connected disabilities that are found to have a combined rating decision at least 70%.

The Important Role That Vocational Experts Play

What does this mean for Vocational Experts?  Vocational Experts are frequently used for both TDIU cases and SSA cases, providing specialized information about employment and the workforce. In order to give a proper vocational opinion on whether a veteran should be found unable to work, evidence that ha