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Personal Injury

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Personal Injury Vocational Services

There are many factors to consider in personal injury. The effects of an injury can impact an individual’s ability to work.  An individual’s residual functional capacity (RFC), due to an injury, can be utilized in order to assess an individuals ability to work and earn income. A vocational expert can assess and document the limitations that a injury has on an individual’s employability, as well as current and future wage-earning potential.


Vocational Expert Services, Inc. offers a variety of services to supplement the injury lawsuit process. We use evidence-based and peer-reviewed methodologies in our analysis and expert testimony. Our services are based on client interviews and an examination of medical, educational, and employment records.

Frequently Asked Questions

A vocational expert reviews the RFC, past work, age, education, labor market, and other vocational factors to determine an individual’s employability and wage-earning ability.

Get advice from your attorney. You want to discuss any meeting with a vocational expert or counselor with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) is a term used to describe an evaluation of someone’s functional abilities and limitations given their particular condition or injury. Vocational Experts can consider how a person’s RFC evaluation affects their ability to work.

An individual’s ability to earn money is their earning capacity. This is contingent on intellectual capacity and physical aptitude. Changes to these physical and intellectual attributes can compromise an individual’s ability potential to generate income.

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