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Vocational Rehabilitation Services​

Vocational Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Vocational Expert Services (VES) works with our community partners to provide vocational evaluation services and vocational rehabilitation services to local agencies.

VES employees are highly experienced in vocational rehabilitation and evaluation and are approved service providers for the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  We provide comprehensive vocational evaluations. In particular,  for those working with Vocational Rehabilitation to find employment.  

These evaluations are generally a one-day appointment.  Participants take part in an interview, vocational testing, and extensive career exploration. This is to match to jobs that are not only of interest – but feasible in today’s ever-changing labor market. An evaluation includes an analysis of age, education, past work history, transferable skills, residual functional capacity, and any barriers that an individual may have to employment.

The purpose of a vocational evaluation is to develop realistic job goals for every individual. These evaluations are essential in assisting both the vocational counselor and the client in making important educational, employment, and career based decisions.

Our goal at Vocational Expert Services is to help individuals reach their maximum vocational potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every vocational evaluation is comprised of 3 parts: Interview, Testing, and Career exploration.

During the interview, an experienced vocational evaluator will go over your impairments, work history, medical history, education history, and any other vocationally relevant topics. This interview will also include a discussion of any job accommodations that the individual has had in the past, or may require to be successful in the future.

In the testing phase, the evaluator will administer a variety of achievement, aptitude, and interest based testing. This testing is helpful in determining current academic level and ability level as well as determining an individual’s work interests and work values. By assessing clients through testing, a VES evaluator will best be able to help clients reach their full vocational potential.

During the career exploration phase of the evaluation, the evaluator will help clients understand their results. This will allow the client and evaluator to have a discussion on careers that are realistic based on the evaluation results and whether or not feasible jobs exist within the local labor market. Our goal is to identify jobs that are a good fit for each client based on his or her vocational profile and widely available in the local labor market – increasing chances that the individual will be able to both find and maintain employment.

A vocational evaluation is essential in the DVR process. This evaluation helps you determine which jobs fit within your interests and abilities within the local labor market. Once you have determined jobs you’re interested in, VR can work towards placing you in a job.

Generally, these appointments take between 4 and 5 hours to complete.

At VES, all of our evaluators have a wealth of experience in the area of vocational rehabilitation. VES experts are highly trained in vocational evaluation and assessment and strive to help clients reach their maximum vocational potential.

Our experts have the capacity to see clients quickly, either at our home office in Maitland, FL or out in the Central Florida community.

We work to ensure that your reports are provided promptly following your appointment. Our experts strive to complete your report within 10-14 days from the date of your evaluation.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our reports are customized to each individual based on their unique needs.

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