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Reemployment Services

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Reemployment Services

Vocational Expert Services, Inc., also offers reemployment services. “Reemployment services” is defined in FS 440.491 (1) (d). This includes but is not limited to, vocational counseling, job-seeking skills training, ergonomic job analysis, transferable skills analysis.

Reemployment services are designed to help an injured worker return to work when their work-related injury or illness prevents them from returning to their usual line of work. Reemployment services may include vocational counseling, job-seeking skills training, job analysis, transferable skills analysis, selective job placement, training and education or other services deemed necessary and appropriate to help an injured worker return to work.

A Worker Must Have a Minimum of the Following Criteria:
  • Have a compensable injury or illness that is covered under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law
  • Have a Florida compensable date of accident on or after 10/01/1989
  • Be legally eligible to work in the United States
  • Covered under any states W/C law

Frequently Asked Questions

Vocational Expert Services, Inc. offers “Reemployment Services” (as defined in FS 440.491 (1) (d)) that include vocational counseling; job-seeking skills training; ergonomic job analysis; transferable skills analysis; selective job placement; labor market surveys; and arranging other services such as education or training (vocational and on-the-job), which may be needed by the employee to secure suitable gainful employment.


This is a review to determine whether an injured employee is at risk of not returning to work.

Insurance carriers or claims adjusters may require reemployment assessments if an injured worker is at risk of remaining unemployed or the cases involves serious or catastrophic injury.

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