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Veteran’s TDIU Assistance

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Veteran’s Total Disability Individual Unemployability

A TDIU vocational assessment provides decision-makers the information they need to make a determination in a Veterans Affairs (VA) disability case.

You may feel uncertain or anxious about participating in a vocational evaluation. The TDIU Vocational Assessment process includes:


„ Request for Services
When you contact VES, we will send you information to help you get started.


„ Full Document Review


Records must be received in order to complete the vocational assessment. VA award letters and Health Records can be located in the eBenefits system


„ Comprehensive Interview

The interview will be telephonic and usually takes around 1-2 hours.  You will be asked about your education, work experience, and service-connected physical/mental conditions and limitations. 


„ Past Work Summary and Transferable Skills Analysis

A transferable skills analysis evaluates if you have any transferable skills from past work that would allow for substantial gainful employment. 


„ Written Vocational Assessment

Vocational Expert opinion on whether your service-connected conditions prevent you from securing or following substantially gainful employment. An unemployability date will be provided, if applicable.



How long does a completed vocational assessment take?


These reports take between 30 – 60 days, depending on when we receive all the necessary documentation.


For more information regarding a TDIU Vocational Assessment please email or call 407-401-9745.


Frequently Asked Questions

You will want to discuss your specific situation with an experienced TDIU attorney. However, decision-makers rely on the opinion of physicians and other medical providers to determine if a Veteran can still obtain substantially gainful employment.  These individuals do not have specialized vocational experience or expertise and are not equipped to determine the true feasibility of a veteran’s ability to work.  A vocational evaluation can help bridge the gap between the documented medical and psychological limitations and residual functional limitations within the context of jobs in the present labor market.

You do not need an attorney to request a vocational assessment from Vocational Expert Services. We provide vocational evaluations to both attorneys and private pay clients. However, you will want to discuss your specific situation with an experienced TDIU attorney.

Generally these reports take between 30 and 60 days, depending on when we receive all necessary documentation.

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