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Hire a Collaborative Divorce Vocational Consultant for a Case Assessment

If you and your current partner are looking to keep your split as amicable as possible with a collaborative divorce, there is more on your collective plate than ever. In addition to all the to-do’s of a typical divorce, you’ll be working together to ensure things are as fair as possible for each of you and any children you have. You both may be facing a career change or even a return to the workforce after a long absence.

Let one of the experienced vocational counselors at Vocational Expert Services work as your collaborative divorce vocational consultant. We can help Melbourne, FL, area residents with legal matters — such as expert testimony — as well as help you both through this transition as smoothly as possible.

When you hire a collaborative divorce vocational counselor from our firm to help with your collaborative divorce, you aren’t only getting an expert witness for the legal proceedings. Our vocational counselors are here to ascertain the facts so that everyone in your family can thrive in this time of upheaval and metamorphosis — so that as much as possible, everyone wins.

Our Collaborative Divorce Vocational Evaluation

As a part of our services, we can help you find your strengths and present them best to potential employers and all parties involved in your divorce case. We’ll perform a specialized collaborative divorce vocational assessment to help determine your vocational strengths and weaknesses.

This not only helps keep the facts of your family’s situation clear through the divorce case. We also want it to be a tool so you can help your family thrive financially long after the divorce is over. Your counselor will help you identify ideal careers, refurbish your resume, and prepare you for a better job-seeking experience.

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