Vocational Expert in TDIU Cases, The importance of TDIU.

There are many aspects to a Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU) case that can make the process difficult. According to a report by the Government Accountability Office [GAO], the Veterans Administration’s (VA) procedures have not ensured well-supported Individual Unemployability benefit decisions (Bertoni, D., 2015).

Psychological C&P Exams

Additionally, Psychological C&P Exams have been found to be “unreliable and unfair” to veterans (Worthern, M., 2018). There have also been reports that there has been a need for expert opinions that were not necessarily offered in TDIU cases. (Ilacqua, M.J., 2014).

It is indicated in each of the articles that all of the above could potentially lead to erroneous decisions being made. The use of a Vocational Expert (VE) can safeguard that the veterans’ service-connected conditions are identified and their impact on the ability to work has been fully explored.

According to Worthen (2018), Psychological C&P Exams being found “unreliable and unfair” is in part due to a high ratio of false positives and false negatives. A false positive occurs when the C&P Exam indicates a claimed mental disorder, but the veteran does not have a mental disorder. A false negative occurs when the C&P Exam indicates the veteran does not have a mental disorder when in fact the veteran does.