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Labor Market Surveys and Divorce Cases

labor market survey and divorce

What is a Labor Market Survey? An important aspect of a vocational assessment in divorce cases is that of a labor market survey (LMS). A Labor Market Survey gathers information about a local labor market, within a certain geographic radius of an individual. The information collected in a LMS can include potential job openings, what […]

Why Vocational Evaluations in Divorce are Important

Vocational Evaluations in Divorce husband and wife

How Does a Vocational Evaluation Benefit Me? It can be beneficial to have a Vocational Expert (VE) in a divorce case. In general, a VE has the education and knowledge to offer expert Vocational Evaluations regarding a person’s ability to work. This could include the following broad areas: what qualifications and skills does the person […]

An Overview of Vocational Issues within Gray Divorce Cases

husband and wife frustrating Gray Divorce need help online

Gray Divorce Rates are Increasing From 1990 onwards, the cases of “Gray Divorce,” or divorce after age 50, have increased substantially, to the point where a larger share of individuals are experiencing divorce in the second half of life (Lin et al, 2018). The nature of working and an older population can lead to unique […]

Divorce Vocational Evaluations During COVID-19

Divorce Vocational Post Square

A vocational evaluation is a useful tool for divorce cases, providing a wide variety of information. A vocational evaluation may be used to determine an individual’s ability to work, wage earning capacity, and which jobs are available in the local labor market. Both formal and informal types of data can be obtained from vocational evaluations. […]

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