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labor market survey and divorce

Labor Market Surveys and Divorce Cases

What is a Labor Market Survey?

An important aspect of a vocational assessment in divorce cases is that of a labor market survey (LMS). A Labor Market Survey gathers information about a local labor market, within a certain geographic radius of an individual. The information collected in a LMS can include potential job openings, what an expected annual or hourly salary would be, and the required job duties of a position. Often, the responses are tailored to a specific individual.

How is a Labor Market Survey conducted?

In an LMS, a script with a series of questions will be created for each job. The survey will include questions such as job duties, educational requirements, prior job experience, physical demands, and wage. Next, compile employer contact lists and job openings which are consistent with any residual functional capacities as well as geographic considerations. Once potential employers have been identified, they will be contacted via email and/or telephonically. The information is then compiled and analyzed so that a summary of the LMS is produced.

Why is a Labor Market Survey important in divorce cases?

In a divorce, a vocational expert’s job is to give the court a clear picture of what you or your spouse could be earning. A LMS can help determine if there are any jobs that exist in the local labor market within an individual’s residual functional capacity.

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