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TDIU and SSDI: What Do the Agencies’ Interaction Mean for Vocational Experts?

TDIU And SSDI What Do The Agencies’ Interaction Mean For Vocational Experts Post Square

Coordination of Benefits According to an article by Muller et al. (2004), in recent years, there have been pushes to have more coordination between the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) disability compensation program and Social Security Administration (SSA)’s disability programs. This has been done to help improve the interaction between the two organizations in order […]

Older Veterans and TDIU: The Unique Vocational Challenges for a Growing Population

Older Veterans and TDIU The Unique Vocational Challenges for a Growing Population Post Square

Older Veterans with Disability Benefits have Increased Veterans claiming disability have long since been a growing population, including those veterans who are collecting Total Disability Based on Individual Employability (TDIU). As of 2013 onward, the number of older veterans receiving disability benefits in general have increased. According to an article published by GAO in 2015, […]

Role of a Vocational Expert in a TDIU Claim

US Army Veteran woman in uniform smiling TDIU

by Devin Lessne, MA, MS, CRC, CDMS, ABVE/F, PVE, IPEC and Claire Ziegler, MA, CRC, IPEC The Orange County Bar Association – The Briefs – October 2020 What are Vocational Assessments for TDIU Claims? A vocational assessment can provide valuable information for decision-makers regarding Total Disability Individual Unemployability cases, also known as TDIU cases and […]

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