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Why consult with a Vocational Expert in a Workers' Compensation Claim?
Vocational Expert Services, Inc. provides vocational assessments, labor market surveys, job analysis, and comprehensive employment services.
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How is a vocational assessment helpful in a Divorce or Family Law case?
During a divorce, alimony and child support are calculated by using a spouse’s income or potential income. A Vocational assessment from Vocational Expert Services, Inc. is a tool for identifying earning potential.
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Are you a Veteran with service-connected conditions?
Vocational Expert Services provides vocational assessments for veterans. Our Vocational assessment methodology fulfills the VA requirements to address the critical questions in a TDIU matter.
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How does a Personal Injury impact future earnings?
A vocational assessment examines the injured person’s past, present, and future ability to work and earn income.
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Our Credentialed Vocational Consultants Make Your Job Easier.
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Vocational Expert Areas of Expertise:

Personal Injury

Divorce & Family Law

Veteran’s TDIU Cases

Workers’ Compensation

Vocational Assessments

Job Analysis Services

Life Care Plans

Career Counseling

Vocational Rehabilitation

Labor Market Survey

Vocational Expert Services, Inc.- Family Law, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, TDIU, and more.

We provide vocational consultations and expert opinions regarding the impact of vocational factors on employability, placeability, and wage-earning capacity. Vocational consulting and vocational expert opinions are requested in legal matters such as Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Divorce, Long Term Disability, Life Care Plans, and TDIU Claims.

Vocational Expert Services also provides vocational counseling for individuals looking to enter or re-enter the workforce.

Who We Serve

At Vocational Expert Services, Inc., our mission is to offer vocational rehabilitation services crucial to the vocational rehabilitation process and also provide an objective analysis of vocational factors for the public, legal, and risk management community.


Why Consult with a Vocational Expert?

Our vocational experts provide vocational assessments, labor market surveys, job analysis, and comprehensive employment services.

Vocational experts determine how vocational factors impact an individual’s potential to return to work by considering exertional and non-exertional limitations and residual functional capacity. Additionally, vocational experts evaluate other vocational factors, such as past work, age, education, and the labor market.