Loss of Income

Vocational Expert Services provides a loss of income assessment in personal injury cases. This includes prior employment and income. Disability leads to many new challenges. Often the most serious is loss of income. Vocational Expert Services, Inc. assesses an individual’s post-injury work potential.  We compare it with his or her prior employment and income.
After an illness or injury occurs in the workplace there is a loss of income. Workers’ compensation is intended to provide lost wage benefits and compensation. This is to help you recover and return to work, if possible.
Florida workers’ compensation benefits aims to support workers injured on the job in the state of Florida. Workers’ Compensation programs aim to provide resources. We also provide medical support to injured workers to avoid or reduce the number of lawsuits.

Types of Workers’ Compensation benefits in Florida include:

  • Money/lost wages
  • Medical care
  • Reemployment services

Along with medical and vocational services, loss of wages, also called an indemnity benefit, is a significant resource of your Workers’ Compensation plan. If you are unable to work and have earned pay for more than seven days, then you may be eligible for partial wage replacement based on your average weekly wage.

Types of indemnity benefits include the following:

  • Temporary total disability. A designation of temporary total disability means you cannot work. Starting the eighth day of disability, you will be paid approximately 66 percent of your regular wage. If critically injured, you may be eligible for 80 percent of your wage for up to six months.
  • Temporary partial disability. If you have temporary partial disability, you are able to work but may qualify only for light or restricted work duties. Compensation for temporary partial disability equals approximately 80 percent of the difference between what you earned before disability and your earning potential afterwards.
  • Impairment benefits. If your doctor indicates you have a permanent disability after you have reached a point of maximum medical improvement (MMI), then you may be eligible for income impairment benefits based on an impairment rating, or permanent total disability if you are unable to return to work.