Reemployment Services

Vocational Expert Services, Inc., also offers reemployment services. “Reemployment services” is defined in FS 440.491 (1) (d). This includes but is not limited to, vocational counseling, job-seeking skills training, ergonomic job analysis, transferable skills analysis.

Vocational Expert Services arranges other services such as education or training (vocational and on-the-job).

Our reemployment services provide a multitude of services to injured employees. These can include vocational counseling, job seeking skills training, resume writing, job placement, a vocational evaluation and training and education.

Reemployment services are designed to help an injured worker return to work when their work-related injury or illness prevents them from returning to their usual line of work. Reemployment services may include vocational counseling, job-seeking skills training, job analysis, transferable skills analysis, selective job placement, training and education or other services deemed necessary and appropriate to help an injured worker return to work.

A worker must have a minimum of the following criteria:

  • have a compensable injury or illness that is covered under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law;
  • have a Florida compensable date of accident on or after 10/01/1989;
  • be legally eligible to work in the United States
  • Covered under any states W/C law

Frequently Asked Questions

Vocational Expert Services, Inc. offers “Reemployment Services” (as defined in FS 440.491 (1) (d)) that include vocational counseling; job-seeking skills training; ergonomic job analysis; transferable skills analysis; selective job placement; labor market surveys; and arranging other services such as education or training (vocational and on-the-job), which may be needed by the employee to secure suitable gainful employment.

This is a review to determine whether an injured employee is at risk of not returning to work.