personal injury

When a worker is injured on the job and is no longer able to return to past work, due to physical or psychological conditions, Vocational Expert Services, Inc.’s assessment will identify employment barriers, loss of wage earning capacity, and provide a detailed plan to return to other suitable employment.

Labor Market Surveys (LMS) can also be used to answer hypothetical questions about a labor market. An example of a hypothetical question is “the individual can perform light work that is unskilled, are there jobs that meet these work restrictions available within 25 miles of a certain address? What is the starting wage?

Reemployment services are designed to help an injured worker return to work. This is when a work-related injury or illness prevents workers from returning to their usual line of work. Reemployment services may include vocational counseling, transferable skills analysis, selective job placement, training and education. We provide other services deemed necessary and appropriate to help an injured worker return to work.

Vocational Expert Services, Inc can consult or testify in any of the following type matters:

  • Florida Workers’ Compensation
  • Railroad Worker Injury (FELA)
  • Longshore & Harbor Workers Act
  • Jones Act
  • Federal Employees Compensation Act
  • Federal Employers’ Liability Act
  • Long-Term Disability (ERISA)

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a review to determine whether an injured employee is at risk of not returning to work.
A vocational evaluation is an assessment of an injured worker’s capabilities (both physical and intellectual); aptitudes; and, work-related behaviors. The evaluation identifies the most cost-effective means towards returning the worker to suitable gainful employment.
A Labor Market Survey is a survey of employers to provide information about job openings, wages and potential employment opportunities.
Insurance carriers or claims adjusters may require reemployment assessments if an injured worker is at risk of remaining unemployed or the cases involves serious or catastrophic injury.
Vocational Expert Services, Inc. offers “Reemployment Services” (as defined in FS 440.491 (1) (d)) that include vocational counseling; job-seeking skills training; ergonomic job analysis; transferable skills analysis; selective job placement; labor market surveys; and arranging other services such as education or training (vocational and on-the-job), which may be needed by the employee to secure suitable gainful employment.
An injured worker’s potential to return to past work, or any of work, is critical in workers’ compensation and long-term disability claims. Vocational experts explain how vocational factors impact an injured worker’s potential to return to work by considering exertional and non-exertional impairments which often relate to limitations in residual functional capacity (RFC) to perform work tasks. Vocational experts evaluate the RFC’s, past work, age, education, the labor market, and other vocational factors.