Disabled Worker

We understand divorce can be difficult, especially where child support and alimony are issues. Whether collaborative or high conflict, there is factual information regarding the world of work which can be essential to the decision-making process.

Spouses’ wages and other income are used to calculate child support and alimony. If your spouse is unemployed or you think he/she is underemployed, a vocational assessment is a valid and reliable tool for identifying his/her earning potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most divorce cases, it is to determine wage earning capacity of one or both spouses.
In most cases, the Court can compel the spouse to participate.
Wage earning capacity is what the individual has the capacity to earn. The individual may be working at a job that has a lower wage than the person has the capacity to earn. Wage earning capacity takes into consideration factors such as age, past work, education, skills, disability and the labor market.
A vocational counselor can help you determine the best job fit for you. Using a collaborative approach, a plan for employment will be developed. The plan may prescribe steps such as retraining and comprehensive employment services.