A vocational assessment gives decision makers the information they need to make a determination in a VA disability case. Our vocational consultants analyze whether a veteran service-connected disability prevents him or her from securing Substantially Gainful Employment. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) defines Substantially Gainful Employment as “employment that is ordinarily followed by the non-disabled to earn their livelihood with earnings common to the particular occupation in the community where the veteran resides.”  The VA specifies that Substantially Gainful Employment cannot include sheltered or protected employment. Further, if a veteran’s annual wages are below the poverty level, this employment cannot be considered substantially gainful.  If a Veteran is unable to secure Substantially Gainful Employment as a result of one or more service-connected disabilities, he or she is entitled to receive 100% compensation for Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU).

Our vocational rehabilitation assessment methodology fulfills the VA requirements to address the critical questions in an TDIU matter.

          Is the veteran disabled?

         What is the estimated date of TDIU?

         Was past work sheltered or protected employment?

Components of a Vocational Assessment include:

1. Full document review

Vocational Expert Services, Inc. will review all documents related to a Veteran’s case.  This includes medical and psychological records and full review of the VA file to include testimony by the Veteran and any lay persons involved with the case. This allows the vocational expert to identify the service related injury or injuries.

2. Comprehensive interview with the veteran

This interview will be essential in determining the veteran’s functional limitations, education history, and employment background.

3. Transferable skills analysis

A transferable skills analysis allows the vocational expert to assess whether the Veteran has any transferable skills from past work that would allow for substantial gainful employment.

4. Opinion based on both objective and subjective evidence regarding the estimated date the veteran was unable to work at SGA.

For more information regarding vocational rehabilitation for veterans, please contact us at info@vocexpertservices.com or 407-401-9745.

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