Did you know the number of Veterans receiving VA Disability Compensation is 5.08 Million, as per the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA)? Of these Veterans, the number participating in Vocational Rehabilitation, as of 2019, is 122,249 individuals. Regardless of where you’re classified, if you are disabled there’s a chance you are considering your options. Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) and Vocational Rehab Benefits (now Veteran Readiness and Employment VR&E) are those options. If you’re interested in either route, Vocational Expert Services can equip you with information for the necessary action moving forward. Our services feature an in-depth consultation to analyze each Veteran as to the individual they are. Getting to know you on a personal level, with knowledge of your background and history, helps establish what functional limitations exist. We offer expertise and a comprehensive interview process. Our vocational experts will help you recognize and meet your goals depending on your options. Vocational Expert Services, Inc. offers vocational assessments for TDIU and vocational rehabilitation.

What Are TDIU and VR&E?

Though centered around similarities, the TDIU and VR&E programs address two different needs. When breaking down the name, TDIU compensates individuals who cannot work due to limitations and are deemed unemployable. This is rightfully due to a service-related physical and/or mental disability or multiple disabilities. VR&E benefits aim to assist individuals who need additional help getting ready to work, as they are able to do so. Furthermore, the types of benefits offered are different as well. TDIU is a mostly financial-based benefits program. VR&E, on the other hand, generally offers non-financial work readiness benefits. That being said, Veterans must ask themselves whether they really wish to work again. That is the true question that merits an honest answer only you can know and we help you uncover.

What Are TDIU Benefits?

As mentioned earlier, TDIU serves Veterans who cannot maintain employment due to physical and/or mental limits. With that, comes the need for nearly full support in order to live. Included in daily life are the means for health care for the disabilities that hinder the Veteran as well as the means to pay for food, living, etc. Governmental compensation addresses this need in the form of payments to supplement the lack of income. These important benefits give Veterans the means to have normal living conditions and support, as they have supported our country. In order to receive benefits, information must be collected and provided to the VA in order to determine eligibility. At Vocational Expert Services, we provide a thorough vocational evaluation.  Read more about how we provide TDIU assistance with our Evaluation.

What Are TDIU Eligibility Requirements?

In general, the VA disability ratings primarily consider the Veteran’s medical a