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Vocational Expert Services offers Orlando Vocational Rehabilitation Services  for many types of individuals. This includes the disabled to those recovering from substance abuse. We take the guesswork out of vocational rehabilitation. we provide solutions to those facing career changes or abilities due to injury or medical/psychological conditions. Vocational Rehabilitation Assessments at Vocational Expert Services Vocational Rehabilitation Services provides assistance to those who have been injured on the job, disabled military veterans, or those who have not had a job for a prolonged period of time. The goal is to help these individuals gain long-term employment. Vocational Expert Services analyzes each client's "transferable" skills. Individuals' transferable skills include work history, education, training, and experience. We do this through our vocational rehabilitation assessments. Assessments for The Disabled   A vocational assessment gives decision-makers the information they need to make a determination in a disability case. Those who are disabled can get help from the state for finding a career. Part of this includes a vocational rehabilitation assessment.  Employment is one of the largest barriers to independence for individuals with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities often find themselves in underpaid jobs or unemployed, and many altogether. Many end up surviving only on disability benefits. At Vocational experts, we provide vocational rehabilitation assessments to those with disabilities. Additionally, our experts help those with disabilities search for the best career options and help them make the transition into their career.  Assessments for The Disabled Veteran Many of the clients at Vocational Expert Services are disabled military [...]