Winter Park Vocational Services
Vocational Expert Services provides private vocational counselig from career coaching to individuals looking to enter in the workforce or refocus their careers. At Vocational Experts, many of our clients are recent college graduates from UCFFull Sail University, and Valencia CollegeVocational Expert Services provides placement and support to those looking for employment and those looking for more satisfying careers. These services include vocational assessment, testing, counseling, earning capacity evaluation, labor market access, job placement, and post-placement support. We analyze the current job market to establish income potential. We also check the current job market and potential for employment.


Vocational Expert Services provides Vocational assesments with the following:

  • assess career values
  • interests and skills
  • investigate career options/a career path
  • Identify and apply for jobs

Part of our services also career tests and assesments:

  • EDITS career system (COPES/CAPS/COPS) online
  • Career Strengths Test
  • MAPP Career Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

In most divorce cases, it is to determine wage earning capacity of one or both spouses.
In most cases, the Court can compel the spouse to participate.