Are you new to the workforce or looking to move into a new career? Vocational Expert Services offers career counseling for those of you who need support in navigating the workforce. We offer help in the following areas: career coaching, vocational rehabilitation, and vocational consultation to individuals, corporations, and institutions. Our services are especially beneficial if you are uncertain about how to plan your career or what type of job to choose. At Vocational Experts, many of our clients are recent college graduates from UCF, Full Sail University, and Valencia College. Aside from college graduates, our clients also include military veterans and those who are disabled. 

Why You Should Get A Career Counselor 

It’s not unusual to find people who feel stuck or overwhelmed when planning their career. A career counselor can help you start off the right path. They are a professional who helps clients plan their careers and achieve their employment goals. Our career counselors work with you on strategies for seeking new employment. Career Counselors will be able to provide assistance with identifying and exploring career options. They also help you select from career choices, changing careers, resume and cover letter writing, focusing and targeting a job search. We help job seekers through the job search process. At Vocational Expert Services, our career counselors understand your needs focus on gaining work-life integration. We will help you identify any issues in your personal life that may be affecting your job search or job performance. 

Career counselors will provide assistance and services that will help in planning your career. Keep in mind that a career counselor CANNOT tell you what job to choose or what career path to take. However, career counselors CAN help you understand who you are and the factors that most influence your lifestyle. 

Career Counseling at Vocational Expert Services

Vocational Expert Services, Inc. takes the guesswork out of career planning. We provide realistic and useful solutions to those facing career changes or those searching for a job. Our vocational assessments with career exploration help clients with the following.

  • Assess Career Values – We will help you identify what you value in a career 
  • Interests and Skills – Discover your interests, personal preferences, strengths, and areas to improve upon. 
  • Investigate Career Options/A Career Path – We will help you through the hard parts of the job search
  • Identify And Apply For Jobs – Learn how to market yourself and how to navigate the job application process. 

Vocational Expert Services also provides the following: 

  • EDITS Career System (COPES/CAPS/COPS) online – This is an assessment that measures the individual’s values, interests and abilities.  
  • Career Strengths Test – job aptitude test will help individuals understand what type of career fits them the best. 
  • MAPP Career Assessment – This is a 22-minute career assessment test with questions about “likes” and “dislikes” that should be completed quickly, almost like a reflex. 

Let our experts help assist in building your career. Are you a college graduate looking for a job or a military? Even if you have a good idea on your career path, sometimes you need a second opinion. 

Find out what’s in store for your future. Get expert career counseling today.
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