Disabled Worker

Vocational testing may be necessary in a disability determination, to ascertain competence in divorce proceedings. It could be to simply assist in high school or college guidance issues. Vocational Expert Services, Inc. are experts in vocational testing and assessment. VES has a comprehensive process to assess aptitude, achievement, and vocational potential.

Vocational counseling is the complement to vocational testing. VES provides counseling services for job changes; college majors; return to work after injury or illness; or, return to work after a sustained period of time away from the labor market (stay at home parent in a divorce case). Our vocational counselors can provide assistance with options, alternatives and resources during difficult transitions, ensuring a greater chance of success and longevity in a new employment setting.

Assessments for Those With Disabilities

Those who are disabled are eligible to receive assistance from the state for finding a career. For help, you will need to do a vocational rehabilitition assessments. Vocational Expert Services provides vocational rehabilitition assessments. Lets us help you on your career path.

        Center for Autism and Related Disorders
        APD – Agency for Persons with Disabilities – State of Florida