Effect of Disability on a Spouse’s Income: A Vocational Expert’s Perspective

Devin Lessne, MA, MS, CRC, CDMS, ABVE/D, IPEC, CVE, ICVEVocational Expert Services, Inc.   Beth Leitman, MS, CRC, CVE, CDMS, IPECVocational Expert Services, Inc.   Evaluating wage-earning capacity in cases involving a spouse who has disabling conditions is a unique and complex process. A spouse’s disabling conditions add several variables to a vocational evaluation For example, the […]

Wage Loss vs Earning Capacity

Labor market survey and divorce

When a worker is injured, there are many different areas that are examined to determine the impact an injury has had on an individual’s ability to work. Some of the time, what is being explored with regards to compensation for an injured worker can be a very complicated process. One of the more important things […]

Labor Market Surveys and Divorce Cases

labor market survey and divorce

What is a Labor Market Survey? An important aspect of a vocational assessment in divorce cases is that of a labor market survey (LMS). A Labor Market Survey gathers information about a local labor market, within a certain geographic radius of an individual. The information collected in a LMS can include potential job openings, what […]

Workers’ Compensation Basics

injured worker requires help with Workers’ Comp

When people are injured on the job, Workers’ Compensation (a.k.a., workers’ comp) can offer a means of assisting employees while they recover by offering them benefits. Companies hold workers’ comp insurance in part to provide wage replacement or “lost wages” from not working, medical benefits, as well as funeral costs or legal needs that may arise […]

COVID-19 and its impact on Workers’ Compensation

Covid-19 impact on Workers' Comp injured back and neck pain

Workers’ Compensation (a.k.a., workers’ comp) deals with an individual becoming injured or obtaining an illness at a workplace and assists them with returning to work or finding another job once they can. Traditionally and per legal statutes and laws, there are certain procedures for dealing with workers’ compensation cases. These rules and regulations include a […]

Why Vocational Evaluations in Divorce are Important

Vocational Evaluations in Divorce husband and wife

How Does a Vocational Evaluation Benefit Me? It can be beneficial to have a Vocational Expert (VE) in a divorce case. In general, a VE has the education and knowledge to offer expert Vocational Evaluations regarding a person’s ability to work. This could include the following broad areas: what qualifications and skills does the person […]

The Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS)

The Occupational Requirements Survey ORS

by Brenda Martinez Richardson, MS, CRC, PVE, IPEC What is The Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS)? The Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS) is a product of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The ORS is commissioned by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The results are meant to replace the use of Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) classifications […]

Proving PTD in Workers’ Compensation: What Makes a Good Job Search?

Proving PTD in Workers' Comp

by Brenda Martinez Richardson and Tracey Wilkerson What is PTD (Permanent Total Disability)? Permanent total disability (PTD) is the compensation for disability that may be paid to Florida’s injured workers post-MMI (maximum medical improvement). Claimants need to have become permanently and totally disabled, as defined under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act, section 440, Fla. Stat. […]